Adeyemi - Fitness Instructor

I always refer exercise to sleep or food no matter the amount of sleep or food you've had it can't last you for life. It as to be continues likewise exercise. Haven mentioned sleep and food these two compliments your exercise. As a strength and condition trainer my clientele fitness goal is as important to me as it is to them. When teaching or training I try to create a fun and challenging environment. I try as much as possible to keep things simple and gradually progress through the stage depending on their level. The main reason for a workout is to get result, achieving your fitness goal be it Weight Loss or Fat loss or Muscle gain or to get stronger. Whatever the goal is it as to be accomplished through exercise if not, maybe the nutrition or diet needs addressing or is the exercises itself that is not effective.


No matter how challenging it is for you to workout we can definitely create ways of going about it. Looking at some of the main reason people exercise:

Weight Loss - this is one of the most common goals and is straight forward to tackle. Firstly get the nutrition or food right couple with the exercise result is surely obtainable. For weight loss sessions can include cardio training (running, cycling, swimming), conditioning (can be bodyweight or using dumbbell or barbell). It advisable to do high repetition and no too much heavy weight.

Fat Loss - most people are so concern about body fat reduction. Sometimes you can loose fat and gain muscle and still have the same bodyweight. So if fat loss is your goal don't always expect weight loss. For instant if your body fat percentage was 17% before you started training and 2 months after it as gone down to 13% that's a great result. When you gain muscles automatically your body fat reduces. Sessions can involve resistance training or cardio.

Muscle Gain - this goal is most times mens. When training to build muscle is better to avoid cardio. Sessions will require resistance training with repetition between 9 to 12 this is also refer to "Hypertrophy"

To Get Strong - you can be well built and not strong sometimes. To be strong means you have to lift heavy weights doing repetitions range between 1 and 5. Bodybuilding is about how big and awesome you look, not how much weight you can lift. The main objectives of been strong is moving the bar or equipment from point A to point B period.